Kosher Events

It is with a great deal of pleasure that we offer our distinctive, fresh and creative kosher menus for your next celebration or event at ZINC. Whether it be a bar or bat mitzvah, wedding or other religious celebration we are committed to ensuring your event is executed with style and flair. Our kosher standards are exacting with our licence held with Kosher Australia.

Kosher Australia is the premier Kosher certification authority in Australia, certifying more than 350 manufacturers, restaurants and caterers in Australasia and Europe. More than 400,000 Kosher meals are prepared annually under Kosher Australia supervision.

If you’ve eaten Kosher food before, chances are that it was supervised and certified by Kosher Australia.

All Kosher catering at ZINC is of the highest standard in Kosher cuisine. All baked goods are Pas Yisroel, all meat is Glatt, all dairy is Cholov Yisroel, all drinks and alcohols are Kosher approved and a mashgiach (Kosher Supervisor) is present from the start of production throughout an event until all utensils are packed away to ensure your peace of mind that no ‘Kosher’ shortcuts have been taken.

The Rabbinic Administrator of Kosher Australia is Rabbi Mordechai Gutnick and the Kosher Australia expert and experienced staff work with ZINC to ensure that your Kosher function goes off without a hitch.

Visit Kosher Australia’s website at for more information about Kosher Australia and Kosher food production.

Food tastings are not prepared under Kosher supervision.