Food & Wine

EPICURE provides all catering at ZINC at Federation Square.  We do more than just serve food, stage events, and offer the best possible produce.  Our philosophy runs much deeper.

Favouring local suppliers, we're always aiming to reduce our carbon footprint by supporting home grown, environmentally sustainable produce.  It’s a food philosophy that we feel very strongly about.

It goes to the heart of the Epicurean philosophy—creating happiness through good food, good wine, good friends—in a way that does no harm.  This approach means we are constantly researching suppliers who produce food of exceptional quality using humane methods.

We use free–range poultry and free–range smallgoods wherever possible, and we never use cage–reared eggs.  All seafood is Australian, farmed or wild.  Our philosophy also extends to the sourcing of specialty local dry goods such as nuts, grains, and vinegars, as well as local mineral water, 100% Australian orange juice and a fair trade coffee blend.

This approach has helped EPICURE to create exciting seasonal menus that revolve around fresh local produce when it’s at its best.  So whatever time of year your event is being held, you’ll be guaranteed an outstanding meal.

EPICURE’s chefs combine this ethical approach with our great passion and extensive experience.  We draw inspiration from food trends from around the world and bring this to all of our dishes.  Good food with an ethical approach, not only creates a great event, it’s a key ingredient in the good life.